Purchasing and Contracts Manager

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Employer - First Resort Global Recruitment
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The Purchasing and Contracts Manager is responsible for planning, directing, guiding and monitoring all procurement processes, including vendor selection and vendor contracts. This will achieved by establishing effective strategies, plans, policies, procedures and standards that ensure that all consulting, contracting and material requirements for all projects are available as needed, within agreed project budgets and to expected standards. The role will support the aggressive growth and expansion of the Company in line with the Company’s overall strategic objectives.

Reporting to: General Manager


Articulates the Company mission, vision, objectives within the Purchasing and Contracts Function, to align all procurement activity to the requirements of the overall business plan

Proactively strategic sourcing needs for the Company by reviewing the material requirements of the various projects; establish policies for strategic sourcing of such items

Oversees and reviews the development and monitoring of the Purchasing and Contracts Function annual plan, its budget and resources ensuring alignment with the Company’s overall strategy and direction

Design and oversees the development of required policies, procedures and processes within the Purchasing and Contracts Function

Proactively manage the various aspects of the Purchasing and Contracts function to ensure professional and timely provision of such services in line with Corporate Procurement Strategy, Policies and Procedures.

Liaises with all managers to ensure smooth flow of information, provide support and ensure timely delivery of all contracted services or materials for both new and existing projects

Oversees and controls the complete procurement cycle from identifying requirements through to receiving and distribution of goods and services

Leads the development and execution of innovative sourcing strategies and programs to meet present and future materials/ services requirements for the Company’s operations by applying advanced knowledge of supply chain principles, negotiation strategies and vendor relationship management

Develops a robust vendor base and enters into purchase agreements with the vendors for supplying the Company’s needs based on individual project requirements

Pre-qualifies and develops the preferred/ approved vendor list for different key materials and services across different geographies, in consultation with the respective vendors and in coordination with all Operations Department Managers

Coordinates with all concerned Managers during the preferred/ approved vendor list development, in order to utilize their experiences with a concerned supplier

Collects and shares supplier qualification and performance information from/ within respective projects for future preference and consideration

Sets procurement sourcing strategies for various types of supplies/ materials involving major high volume materials and systems, and monitor adherence of companies to set strategies

Establishes and manages strong business relationships with all Subcontractors and Suppliers

Reviews the consolidation, where applicable, of major materials demand (i.e. steel, cement, concrete, etc.) for greater negotiating power and lower costs (economies of scale), and coordinates with concerned companies the supplier awarding and delivery of materials

Participates with Operat

Location - Saudi Arabia
Date Posted - 20 Oct 2019
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